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Federal Center for Toxicological, Radiation, and Biological Safety - All Russian Research Veterinary Institute, 2-Nauchny gorodok, Kazan, 420075, Russia

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The journal is registered

The journal is registered in Federal Service for Oversight of Mass Media, Telecommunications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The Registration Certificate number is ¤╚ ╣ďĐ77-29757 

Decision of the Presidium

of the Russian Higher Attestation Committee

The Veterinarny Vrach journal is one of the Russian peer-viewed research journals eligible to publish main research findings and results of theses pending a scientific degree of Doctor or Cadidate of Sciences.

Editorial policy

Publication ethics policy 

  This ethics policy statement  is based on guidelines of Committee on publication ethics (COPE). Ethic standards compliance is very important for all the participants of publication process: authors, the journal editors, peer reviewers, publishers.
   The Veterinarny Vrach scientific peer reviewed journal supports the ethic standards of scientific publications. All the received articles are first subjected to perr reviewing process. We exclude any pressure on making editorial decision. 

Editor Responsibilities 

  Editors of the Veterinarny Vrach peer reviewed scientific journal are responsible for making decision to publish an article. Editors must observe legal requirements otherwise he/she will be called to account in case fraud, law of copyrght violation, or plagiarism is made. 
  The journal editors always evaluate manuscript intellectual content regardless authors' race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nation, or political views.
  Any information about article and its authors is confidential, members of the editorial council do not disclose any information about received article to anyone but the author, article reviewers, the members of editorial board, and publishers.

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities 

  Reviewers help editors make editorial decision and authors improve their article. A reviewer who does not feel to be qualified enough to evaluate article or knows that timely review is not possible, should inform editor and resign to review the article.
  Any article submitted for review should be regarded as a confidential document. It cannot be shown or discussed with other people except the ones assigned by editor.
  Article review must be objective. Any pe rsonal criticism is unacceptable.
  Reviewers should identify the published data which was cited by author. Any statement containingan observation, results, or facts which have previously been published should be confirmed by a corresponding citation and reference.
  Reviewer cannot use any unpublished data obtaineed from submitted articles for personal purposes.

Author Responsibilities 

  Authors of original investigation material should provide a detailed report about the research and an objective discussion of its significance. The mahor data should be documentated. The documant should contain a sufficient number of details and references so to make it possible to restore the research. Fraud or deliberately inaccurate or vague statements are recognized as non-ethic and therefore are unacceptable.
  Authors should be ready to provide an access to  data      related to publication material if such is possible. At least authors should be ready to keep the fata within a reasonable period of time after the article is published. 
  Authors must guarantee that their work is completely original. In case a work or phrase is borrowed it should be cited and referenced accordingly.
  It is strictly prohibited to published overlapping works, i.e. the ones already described in other published manuscripts, an investigation can be published only once and no more than in one journal. Submitting an article to more than one ournal at one time means non-ethic publication behavior and is unacceptable.
   Also, it is necessary to provide due confirmation of manuscripts used  in work which were published by other researchers. Authors must cite all the publications which contributed into creation of requested work.
  Authorship should be limited to researchers who participated and had a significant contribution into the work conception, project, accomplishment or its interpritation. All of them should be referred as coauthors. If there are people who were involved into separate steps of investigation project they should be mentioned in the articles as assistants or listed in the acknowledgements.
  Author must make sure that article lists only actual authors, it does not have ones who were not involved in this very work and all the coauthors have read and authorized the article final version and agree to publish the article.
  All the authors must inform editors in case there is a financial or other conflict of interests which can affect on manual results or interpritation. All the funding sources of project support mus be indicated. 
  In case author finds any significant error or discrepancy in his published work he/she must promptly inform and cooperate with editors to correct or amend it.