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Federal Center for Toxicological, Radiation, and Biological Safety - All Russian Research Veterinary Institute, 2-Nauchny gorodok, Kazan, 420075, Russia

Tel. / Fax:(843) 239-53-20 (editorial)

E-mail: vetvrach@vnivi.ru

The journal is registered

The journal is registered in Federal Service for Oversight of Mass Media, Telecommunications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The Registration Certificate number is ¤╚ ╣ďĐ77-29757 

Decision of the Presidium

of the Russian Higher Attestation Committee

The Veterinarny Vrach journal is one of the Russian peer-viewed research journals eligible to publish main research findings and results of theses pending a scientific degree of Doctor or Cadidate of Sciences.

How to apply


 How to apply to the Veterinarny vrach scientific peer-reviewed journal
For publication please send your article to vetvrach-vnivi@mail.ru and its hardcopy, a cover letter with affiliation template, authors' guarantee letter, contact infformation to 2-Nauchny gorodok, Kazan, 420075, the Russian Federation. In the cover letter authors must confirm their consent that manuscript is published and distributed by the Veterinarny Vrach jounal both in paper and electronic version and by subscription. Manuscripts are submitted both in Russian and English. In case manuscript is in English only it will be additionally sent to authors after trasnlation to Russian.

  Article text as Microsoft Word*.doc or *.rtf files should be at least 4 standard pages long with font size 11 and line stule 1. 
  The abstract part both in Russian and English (with good translation) should contain all the significant ideas, findings, and data of article. Is should be 150-200 words long, should not start with the article title or have general phrases. The abstract must enlighten the aim of investigation, methods (in case it is a part of significance), results (with numbers), and conclusion. All the abbreviation must be expanded. 
  Keywords both in English and Russian can contain main words and phrases.
  The article body should be arranged as follows: introduction, methods and materials, results, conclusion, references.
  All the tables, graphics, charts, etc. have to be comprehensible. All the text atteched should be written above. Pictures must be of high quality, if a picture contains a text it must be readable.
  All the borrowed and quotted data must be cited and providded with reference accordingly. The references order is arranged as they ar ecited in article. All the terms listed in refferences should be cited in article text.
  Authors must provide all their contact information (i.e. scientific degree, affiliation title and addrress, position, phone number or e-mail). he date when the last version of manuscript is delivered is considered as a final date of its receiving. Positive reviews are sent to authors upon their request.
  The issue is distributed by subscription only. A copy of the journal with published article or reprints  are not sent to authors. Authors' emoulments and royalties are not paid. Manuscripts are not sent back. 

For more information please follow the editorial policy.

Articles peer review process


  All the accepted manuscripts undergo the perr reviewing process. The journal has two forms of peer review:
- a single blind internal peer review (article is reviewed by members of editorial board)
- a single blind external peer review (for review articles are submitted to qualified experts with relevant scietific profile but not working in the same affiliation with authors).
  The executive secretary determines an article compliance with the journal scope, format requirements and sumits it to an expert - a Doctor or Candidate of Science (PhD) - whode area of expertise is close to article subject matter.
  In peer review report the following points must be indicated:
- if article content is relevant to its stated title;
- how much article corresponds to the cutting edge achievements in the given scientific field;
- if article content is comprehensible for its readers regarding the article language, stylistics, text arrangement, clarity of diagrams, pictures, tables etc.;
- if article publication is reasonable considering the available references dedicated to this particular subject matter;
- article exact positive sites, shortages, and comments, i.e. what corrections and additions should be made by authors;
- the review solution if an article can be published in the journal with a corresponding note: "recommended", "recommended after all the correction indicated by reviewr are done", or "not recommended" attached.
  Peer review report is authorized according to he procedure established in reviewer's affiliation.
  A final decision on manuscript suitability is made by the editorial board.
  In case the review is positive and the editorial board accepts a manuscript for publication the executive secretary informs an author about the positive decision and indicates the period withion which the manuscript will be published. 
  Once a manuscript is rejected a motivated notification will be sent to the author (with a copy of negative anonymous review attached) by fax, e-mail, or post.
  The original copies of reviews are kept in the Veterinarny Vrach journal editorial office.