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4, 2023

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Pharmacological effect of injectable forms of copper and cobalt nanopowders on morpho-biochemical parameters of blood of cows

Authors: Vladimir V. Zaitsev 1, Nikolai A. Pudovkin 2, Petr V.Smutnev 2, Natalya I. Zakharkina 1, Dmitry V. Vorobyov1
1 Astrakhan State University named after V.N. Tatishchev, Astrakhan, Russia
2Saratov State University of Genetics, Biotechnology and Engineering named after N.I. Vavilova, Saratov, Russia
Abstract: Currently, the problem of good nutrition and a balanced diet for farm animals is one of the leading ones, since their productivity and economic performance of the agricultural segment directly depend on this. Biologically active supplements containing vitamin-mineral complexes play an important role in solving this problem. Mineral substances in the animal body are involved in the processes of digestion, synthesis and decomposition of macromolecular compounds. At the same time, not only the total content of such substances in the diet is of great importance, but also the availability of micro- and macroelements, as well as their assimilation by the animal organism. The aim of our research was to determine the effect of injection forms of copper and cobalt nanopowders on hematological and some biochemical parameters of cow blood. The conducted studies made it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of injectable forms of mineral compounds based on copper and cobalt for the implementation of therapeutic and preventive measures for hypomicroelementosis in animals. It was found that the use of the drug for 10 days did not significantly change the hematological parameters of the blood of cows. It has been determined that the subcutaneous administration of the mineral complex of copper and cobalt does not significantly change the leukocyte formula of the blood of experimental animals. Studies have shown that after intramuscular administration of a nanopreparation based on copper and cobalt, there is a significant increase in the blood serum activity of a number of enzymes, such as lactate dehydrogenase, as well as some metabolites, in particular, glucose. The use of the studied preparations will make it possible to use them more widely both for the treatment and prevention of endemic diseases and diseases of metabolic disorders, both in productive and unproductive animals.
Keywords: copper, cobalt, microelement, enzyme, blood, cow

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