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Federal Center for Toxicological, Radiation, and Biological Safety - All Russian Research Veterinary Institute, 2-Nauchny gorodok, Kazan, 420075, Russia

Tel. / Fax:(843) 239-53-20 (editorial)

E-mail: vetvrach@vnivi.ru

The journal is registered

The journal is registered in Federal Service for Oversight of Mass Media, Telecommunications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The Registration Certificate number is ¤╚ ╣ďĐ77-29757 

Decision of the Presidium

of the Russian Higher Attestation Committee

The Veterinarny Vrach journal is one of the Russian peer-viewed research journals eligible to publish main research findings and results of theses pending a scientific degree of Doctor or Cadidate of Sciences.


The journal founder and publisher is Federal Center for Toxicological, Radiation, and Biological Safety - All-Russian Research Veterinary Institute (FCTRBS-ARRVI).


The Veterinarny Vrach journal is a science edition focusing on fundamental and applied aspects in Ecological, Radiation, Biological Safety, Biotechnology, Veterinary, and Zootechny. The journal publishes experimental and theoretical articles, scientific data, practical recommendations, analytical reviews, debatable articles, science news and events. Also, topical special issues are released.


 Authors  published in the journal are distinguished scientists and experts in Biology,Animal Health, Biotechnology, Medicine working in Russian and the CIS education and research organizations. Also, the journal publishes works of young scientists and postgraduates. 


The edition is intended for scientists, chief executives and experts of veterinary, sanitation and epidemiological services, environmental agencies, biologists, and ecologists. 


The journal periodicity: six issues are released per year